Adolescence Paragraph

Adolescence is a stage that every person must go through. It is during this stage that one transitions from puberty to adulthood. Young people at the adolescent stage manifest some physical and mental developments. It is a difficult part of everyone’s life. Much guidance is needed for both boys and girls in this stage.

Paragraph On Adolescence

During this stage, a child registers some biological changes, an example being maturity in their sexuality. Girls start receiving their menstrual cycles, their breasts and hips become enlarged.

Adolescence Paragraph

On the other hand, boys start having some beard-like hairs on the face, and they also develop pubic hairs. All these physical developments might be scary if one has not been educated about them in advance.

During the adolescence stage, children develop a need for freedom. They want to do things in their way due to their though and taste. Adolescents also develop an interest in the opposite sex. The attraction might be so intense, tempting some to engage in premature sex.

During this stage, parents should accord their children moral and psychological support. A strong family connection can also go a great way to help the young person to transit easily.

Young people go through various challenges at this stage. The main challenge is psychological in that there are more expectations about them. Adapting to new rules, responsibilities, and standards set once adolescent knocks are not easy. On the other hand, discovering the new person they are becoming is not easy. This is more so when they experience mood swings and become intolerant.

Another challenge that adolescents face is a health problem. Teenagers have a lot to handle with less time. This might result in a lack of eating or resting time. Also, the body changes they undergo might expose them to eating disorders. This is more so in girls.

Besides, the eating disorder might result in to increase in body weight, thus affecting their self-esteem. However, this can be avoided by parents ensuring that young people have a well-balanced diet all through.

Old age is fateful, and so is the indolence stage. This is a challenging stage for parents and children. It’s therefore critical for both of them to be prepared in advance.

A parent-adolescent collaboration will make the transition bearable. Also, it will help the children become more responsible in their adulthood. Conclusively, proper parental support and guidance are critical during this stage.

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