Car Accident Essay

We all love the luxury that comes with cars as a mode of land transport. However, we can’t ignore the fact that these cars are prone to accidents. An accident can cause serious injuries or even death, depending on how bad it was.

Statistically, thousands of people have died in car accidents. There are many causes of accidents, including over speeding, drunkards, and undermining the traffic rules.

It is on rare occasions that weather conditions cause accidents. Every time you get on the wheel, it should be your responsibility to protect your life and that of your passengers. Most car accidents can be prevented by being careful on the road.

Essay on Car Accident

This paper will discuss various ways of preventing a car accident.

Car Accident Essay

How to prevent car accidents

(1) Avoid driving at night

Night driving is challenging, no matter how good your eyesight is. There are many risks involved along the road during the night. Most drunkards are on the road at night, and their visibility is usually low.

They are likely to hit your car or mess on the road and cause an accident. However, if you must drive at night, ensure you are extremely careful.

(2) Avoid assumptions

Most of the lives lost through car accidents could be saved if drivers avoided assumptions. Assuming that your fellow driver will stop or turn could cost you greatly. A good example is when you go through a red light, don’t assume and fail to check both ways.

Most drunkards assume the red lights, and they might cause an accident. Play your part and be careful to drive cautiously.

(3) Limit distractions

Technology has brought so many distractions in the present day. They affect our concentration at the office, home, and more so on the roads. It is, therefore, critical to avoid using your phone whenever you are on the road.

Your attention should be 100% on the wheel and the road. It would be best to inform your callers that you are driving. The calls and texts can always wait.

(4) Ensure your car is in good condition

Driving a car that is not in good condition is a major cause of accidents. This can be avoided by frequently taking it to an auto technician. Be careful to check on the cause of car noises and remove old tires before getting on the road.

Whether you are going on a short journey or long, let your car always be fit for the road.

(5) Be in control of your car

Sometimes drivers get reluctant and drive using one hand. Too much confidence is also a great cause of car accidents. It is wise always to ensure you drive with your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock positions. You will have full control of your car if you observe this.

(6) Avoid over speeding

Roads have got different features, and it is for this reason that you should avoid over speeding. This is more so if you are driving on a new road.

If you drive too fast, you will have minimal chances of acting when exposed to an accident. Driving at the right speed will give you enough time to react and avoid an accident.

(7) Never Drive when drunk

It is crystal clear that a drunk driver is a careless driver. Being drunk takes away your ability to be focused on the road. Driving while being drunk is grievous, and you should avoid it at all costs. If you have to drink, ensure you call a friend or hire a taxi and be safe.

(8) Weather conditions

Weather conditions have also been a major cause of accidents. Driving in rainy and stormy weather is risky for even the most qualified drivers.

Rains make the roads slippery for drivers to control the car or engage the brakes. On the other hand, heavy rains reduce the driver’s visibility, which could also cause an accident.

For safe driving or riding should follow these Guide as each conscious person.


Accidents happen so fast, and before you know it, you could be a victim. Besides the physical injuries, accidents can get you into emotional and financial problems.

Some accidents still happen even when you did everything right. Fellow drivers on the road cause such. The above discussed are ways through which you can prevent accidents from happening. Most of them are dependent on your effort.

They are things that you can do or avoid and be safe on the road.

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