Causes of Divorce Essay

Introduction: There has been a great increase in divorce cases across the globe. This is unlike in the past where people treasured marriages. Statistics indicate that 50% of married couples end up divorcing.

Also, most divorce cases are happening to couples of 35 years and below. There is so much controversy that surrounds this issue, especially on the causes. Divorce is described as the legal dissolution of marriage.

Most people think that infidelity is the only cause of divorce; well, it is not. This paper will out rightly discuss the causes of divorce. Most of them can be avoided or worked on if a couple is willing to make their marriage work.

Causes of Divorce

causes of divorce essay


Money in a marriage set up is a sensitive issue. The way it comes, and it is spent plays a great role in pulling couples together or apart. Lack of money in marriage is a great cause of divorce.

This is more so if a couple has children. It determines if the relationship will thrive or not. Marriage counselors say that many women are not willing to stay in marriages if there is no money.

Weight gain

As funny as it may sound, weight gain has been rated as a fertile ground for divorce. This is more so to couples who dated when one partner was slender. An increase in weight makes the other partner less interested.

The lack of interest is the catalyst that leads to divorce since the uninterested partner finds it hard to maintain the romance.


The damages caused by extramarital affairs are intense. It painfully unglues the love bond between couples leaving one with resentment.

There are very few couples who have gone through the test of unfaithfulness and survived. Most usually end up divorcing since they can’t forgive.

High expectations

Having high expectations as you enter into marriage can get you in a tricky situation. This is more so if the expectations are not met. It’s the reason that it is hard for couples to talk over their expectations about marriage before taking the swear.

Lack of preparation

Getting into marriage without being well prepared is risky. Most people will jump into this institution because of feelings of lust and a need for romance. It could be they were not prepared financially, emotionally, and mentally. Getting prepared for marriage is important for it to last.


There has been an increase in marital abuse for the past century. Interestingly, many people think that abuse is only physical. Well emotional and mental strain are also forms of abuse.

Abuses can be from a woman or a man, although most people associate men with it. Couples who keep on fighting and quarreling are most likely to go the divorce way.

Lack of communication

Lack of communication is another major cause of divorce. If a couple can’t freely communicate, they end up withholding their feelings. This reciprocates by harboring bitterness and feelings of loneliness and resentment.

If nothing is done, then divorce could be the next thing to happen to the couple.

Lack of intimacy

It is interesting to note that 70% of marriages no longer enjoy intimacy. This happens when feelings that they had for each other when dating and newly married vanish.

Unresolved issues, abuse, or infidelity can cause a lack of intimacy. It results in one partner being withdrawn and not having any sexual feelings for their partner.

Unresolvable differences

Some marriages end because there is no point of return. This is to say that the couple tried everything they could, but it all failed. It could be due to pride or serious anger leading to grave fights. When the life of a person is threatened and at risk, then divorce remains the option.


Marriage is wonderful, but it takes a lot of work, commitment, and selflessness for it to stand. This lifetime journey also requires mental, financial, and emotional preparation before one commits to another.

Many storms rise against marriage, but if true love is the glue that puts you together, then the marriage can stand. The above discussed are the main causes of divorce, especially in this century. However, couples can avoid many of them through counseling and personal commitment.

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