Diaspora Paragraph

Diaspora can be defined as leaving one’s homeland and finding a settlement in other parts of the world. One can go willingly or under unavoidable circumstances. The need for a better life is among the significant causes of diaspora.

Paragraph on Diaspora

People also move from their homeland for further studies. War and natural calamities have also left thousands with no option but to leave and seek safety. This chapter shall look into the impact of diaspora on the National and global levels.

The Impact of Diaspora

Diaspora Paragraph

Positive impacts

  • Diaspora increases employment opportunities and exposure to better opportunities.
  • Diaspora boosts people’s social life. When they move, they get to learn new languages, cultures, and lifestyles. This also enhances unity and brotherhood.
  • It develops the quality of life. This is more so when someone gets a better job.
  • The economy grows due to diaspora. This happens when skilled people relocate to various parts of the world and use their skills resourcefully.
  • Students get higher chances of accessing higher education. This, in return, enables them to be economically uncommitted.

Negative impacts

  • Overcrowding is one of the main effects of diaspora. This is more so when people settle in the urban areas of the various cities. This translates to a scramble for natural resources.
  • Racism and discrimination take place after the diaspora. People coming from a different country might be discriminated against based on their color and religion.
  • When people move in large numbers to a particular area, there is an increase in environmental pollution. This might cost people’s or animals’ health. Congestion is a cause of pollution.
  • Family separation is also another effect of diaspora. People are differentiated from their loved ones, thus straining family bonds.
  • There is also a significant impact on people’s countries of origin, mostly when the educated and skilled leave their country. This might further affect the economy of their original countries.
  • Diaspora also causes people to have a difficult time before finding accommodation. The new residence might not have houses for them until they get a job and afford one.

Diaspora has been on the increase in the recent past. Economic challenges are its leading causes. Global governments have been trying to keep a balance of it, but it has been a challenge. However, one should be sure of why they want to move. Weighing both the positive and negative effects will also be of great help.

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