Etiquette And Manners Paragraph For HSC

It is critical for every human being to have etiquette because we are social beings. Etiquette is defined as good behavior, especially in a community. On the other hand, manners refer to how one behaves in public.

One can have good or bad manners, and it is a manifestation of one’s inner character. These two aspects are best learned at home because that’s where most people spend their time.

A person without manners doesn’t have etiquette. Manners should be taught from a young age.  For example, a child should learn to use words like excuse me, please, and sorry before going to school.

Paragraph on Etiquette And Manners For HSC or Class 11

Etiquette And Manners Paragraph For HSC

Good manners are a confirmation that one was brought up well. On the other hand, manners should be practiced everywhere while etiquette is based on the environment or the current event. Here are examples of etiquette types.

  • Corporate Etiquette – This refers to how you should behave at your place of work. Your behavior has a lot to say about the organization you are working for. It can positively or negatively affect the organization’s decorum.
  • Eating Etiquette – There is a certain decorum that you should follow when you are eating. Some aspects of this etiquette include not talking when eating and waiting for everyone to finish eating before leaving the dining table.
  • Telephone Etiquette – This is how you should behave on the phone. For example, you should not put the person on the other end on long holds. Your tone should also be calm and friendly.

Both manner and etiquette are essential. They enhance your relationships with people. Also, good manners boost your confidence by attracting people close to you.

This will be a confirmation that you are a good person. Moreover, good manners and etiquette will make people hold you in high esteem. You will earn respect from the old, young, rich, and poor.

Well-mannered people also have high chances of opportunities. We can’t be ignorant of our behavior in society. People with good manners and etiquette play a significant role in enhancing peace. There is no harm in treating other people with respect.

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