Gender Discrimination Paragraph

Gender discrimination has different definitions based on where it is taking place. It is treating a person or people disadvantageously and unequally based on gender. It is also known as sexual discrimination.

These discriminations have made people lose their rights or opportunities. Every human in society deserves to be treated fairly and equally. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is sad to note that even in the 21st century, people are still subjected to this state.

Paragraph on Gender Discrimination

This discrimination can happen at the workplace or in educational institutions. We will briefly look at the causes and effects of sexual discrimination.

Gender Discrimination Paragraph

Causes of gender discrimination

Lack of equality in employment

Men are given more power in workplaces, and they take advantage of that to discriminate. However, the case would have been different if women were given more employment opportunities. This also applies to men. There are some fields where men have no equal employment terms and are discriminated against by women.

Lack of even access to education

Lack of access to education is also another cause of gender discrimination. This affects both men and women. For example, if an area has got more women who are well educated than men, then the men will face the full wrath of discrimination. On the other hand, if men get access to education more than women, they will dominate them.

Low or no political representation

Despite the many campaigns to have more women in the political arena, little has been achieved. Very few women hold positions in governments. This means that issues affecting women in the world will not be effectively addressed. The lack of political representatives has made many women remain behind and learn to live without their rights.

Effects of gender discrimination

The effects of gender discrimination vary in women, men, and children. Children who become victims of gender discrimination tend to have low self-esteem from a young age. If it’s in a school setup, they will be more withdrawn, affecting their education.

This is why parents must be keen on their child’s behavior. When a woman has been discriminated against based on her gender, she might be exposed to violence. This is more so in societies where men have no value for a woman. This might lead to death or depression. Also, this discrimination might make them miss job opportunities since they are regarded as a lesser gender.

On the other hand, gender discrimination against men has more effects. They might resolve to drink or become more violent to defend their position and ego. Additionally, a man who has been threatened by gender inequality is likely to commit suicide.

Gender discrimination has had adverse effects on children, men, and women. It has made most of them miss opportunities that would have transformed their lives. However, the battle against it has not been lost. Many organizations have come up to stand for the rights of human beings. However, everyone should take personal responsibility and treat other people equally.

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