High School Vs College Essay Compare And Contrast

Introduction: Education is a critical part of life, and it’s the best gift one can get. The transition from high school to college is a great milestone in every person’s life.

It comes with a sense of maturity and composure. High school and college education are the main highways in education. These two institutions compare and contrast in various ways.

However, both allow students to find out who they are and what they want to be. Also, it is in these institutions that careers are molded and the path into the future drawn.

Essay On High School Vs College

High School Vs College Essay Compare And Contrast

The anticipation of leaving high school and joining college is always high for students. Most see the transition as freedom from rules and regulations. In high school, both the teachers and parents are committed to ensuring that the students maintain their focus.

It is this strictness that makes students get excited as they leave high school. However, we shall confirm in this college vs high school essay that there is nothing much to expect as you transition.

It is your commitment to education that will matter at the end of the day. The time spent in these institutions should not be wasted because that is where one’s future lies. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between high school and college.

Similarity in Courses

In most cases, the courses that one pursues in college are pioneered in high school. This is why the area you excelled most becomes the pointer to what you will do in college.


The teachers in both institutions have the same mandate of guiding and ensuring the students achieve their goals. They are the guides in helping a student navigate through educational concepts and their applications in real life.

However, the results depend on the student. If they take their teachers seriously, then they will excel.

Social life

This is the main similarity between college and high school. That’s because both institutions expose the student to social life and networking. Most friendships are traced back to college and high school.

Interestingly, long-term relationships have been blend in these institutions leading to marriage. However, the social college life is intense due to the freedom granted.

Same people

Just like in the high school set up, we have the same people in college. Here you meet the jokers, the reserved, the outgoing among others. It is you to choose where you fit most without losing the main goal that took you there.

Differences between high school and college

Amount of work

The amount of work in high is not as complex as the one in college. This is because college education involves many projects, and some of them can take you weeks. This is unlike in high school, where assignments are given and marked daily.

Textbooks and reading materials

In high school, students are provided with all the textbooks and reading materials. On the contrary, college students are given a list of the books they need to buy and pay for them independently.

Time management

College life will give you more freedom compared to high school where you are monitored every time. The teachers, parents, and coaches will not get their eyes off you in high school, but it’s upon you to plan your time in college.

However, this doesn’t lessen the many responsibilities that one has in college.

Class time

A high school student is like a full-time employee. They will spend close to seven hours in the classroom. On the other hand, a college student takes three to four hours in an academic day.

However, if you are in college, you have to be cautious. This time frame might tempt you to be reluctant, and you end up being in catch 22 situations when the exam times knocks.


Education is key, and it’s the backbone of everyone’s life. One goes through different phases in education intending to attain a better tomorrow.

High schools and colleges are the main determinants of one’s life, and that’s why they are critical. However, both institutions compare and differ in many ways. This college vs high school essay has compared and contrasted the two institutions in various ways.

This will help you prepare for the two institutions.

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