Interior Design Essay – Why I Want To Be An Interior Designer

Introduction: Interior design has become famous in the recent past in offices and homes. It is the art and craft of enhancing the beauty of a building to give it a more eye-catching and healthy touch.

This is more so done in the interest and taste of the people occupying the space. Many people assume that the profession is easy, especially after the results.

On the contrary, interior designers will tell you that starting on a new project and the research involved is not a walk in the park. Besides having design skills, an interior designer should also have business and interpersonal skills.

Essay on Interior Design

interior design essay

In this paper, I will share with you why I want to be an interior designer.

Why I want to be an interior designer

Why do you want to be an interior designer? This is one of the frequently asked questions that I get to answer. Friends and relatives don’t understand why I would go for creativity when my school mates are taking courses with high career ranking.

Creativity is my main reason for venturing into interior design. I have a passion for arts and decorating and coloring rooms according to the right mood. This passion started during my primary school days, and I remember I could color and rearrange my sleeping space to fit my taste.

When I joined the high school, I realized my creativity was getting intense. At times, I would be called to enhance our principal’s office’s look, and my work left the teachers perplexed.

It was at this point that I knew that interior design was my thing. There was no time to waste, and therefore I started doing diversified research about interior design.

I could read books and attend career seminars during the school holidays. With time, I learned that there are people who have ventured into the interior design profession and were doing great.

This was the turning point I purposed to go for interior design as a career because my passion was assimilated. Having completed high school, I don’t see any hindrance to raising up the ladder in the world of décor.

My dream job as an interior designer

After being sure about what I wanted to be, I visualized taking interior designing as a career. I am well aware that getting a job in the design industry is not as easy as it may seem.

However, the personal drive and passion I have are enough wheels to push me. Enrolling in an interior design course became my number one priority. Most universities have the course nowadays, and it took me four years to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

With the skills and knowledge earned in the university, I came outset that my dream would finally become a reality.

At first, it wasn’t easy, but doors opened through internships that I got incorporated design companies. The internships have been the finish that my career wanted. It didn’t take long before one of the companies that had given me a slot for an internship took me in as an employee.

The job has been allowing me to meet with different clients. Grounding breaking their projects and giving them what they want is not easy. However, the best moment is when I see the clients happy and satisfied with the job I do for them.

On the part of earning, I would say that interior design pays, and anyone who has a passion for it should not bury their dreams.


We all love to live in bright and well-manicured spaces. However, it takes an interior designer’s efforts to bring the touch and blend of beauty and decoration together.

Interior design has continued to advance in many ways. This is more so with the introduction of new techniques and tools meant for enhancing the appearance of homes or offices. Interior designers should not put their designing tools down but instead, keep on improving their skills.

The gap between interior designers and clients also needs to be filled, and this can only be achieved by giving the clients the best. Now and then, people want to enhance their surroundings, which means more work for designers.

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