International Mother Language Day Paragraph Or 21st February Paragraph

21st February is not just a date; it is an emotion towards the mother language we speak in. In 1952, some heroic students laid down their lives without any hesitation against the adamant decision of the Pakistani government that Urdu shall become the state language of Pakistan.

Paragraph on International Mother Language Day Or 21st February Paragraph

Bangladesh, was a part of Pakistan at that time, named East Pakistan. The majority of people spoke in their native language Bengali. And this was unanticipated by the people to acquiesce Urdu as the state language.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph Or 21st February Paragraph

To obviate students from protesting, government-issued section 144. But that couldn’t impede the spirited souls with revere for mother language. They broke the law and protested on the street.

As a result, bullets were showered towards many valiant souls like Salam, Rafiq, Barkat, Jabbar. They didn’t stagger a bit to shed their blood on the roads and sacrifice their lives for the sake of their mother tongue. From that day onwards 21st February is known as Shaheed Dibash and Mother Language Day in Bangladesh.

Every year on this day the whole nation bids approbation to the martyrs by proposing flowers to the Shaheed Minar which is situated in Dhaka. It is a monument that is built to portray the immense gratitude people have for them.

On 17th November 1999, UNESCO declared this day to be International Mother Language Day. No other country has such an instance of shedding their precious lives for the sake of their language.

Observing the love and affection towards the mother language the whole world bows respect to the martyrs that devoted their lives to language. This day is observed as Mother Language Day throughout the globe.

Related words synonyms and antonyms that used in this paragraph:

  1. Acquiesce: Synonym: Accept, Antonym: Deny
  2. Obviate: Synonym: Prevent, Antonym: Allow
  3. Impede: Synonym: Delay, Antonym: Encourage
  4. Revere: Synonym: Respect, Antonym: Despise
  5. Valiant: Synonym: Brave, Antonym: Uncourageous

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