Plastic Surgery Essay

Plastic surgery has become a trend in the 21st century because of its advantages. This is more so for celebrities who want to remain at the top when it comes to beauty. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what the process entails.

Plastic surgery is a type of operation done on somebody’s parts to improve them. It is also known as cosmetic surgery. There are many reasons why people go for this procedure.

Some of the reasons are medical, while others are for beauty. However, statistics indicate that most people turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance and enhance their self-esteem.

The procedure is costly, and it takes one a long time to recover. This paper will give you more details about plastic surgery.

Essay on Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Essay

Enhanced appearance

Enhanced appearance is the main advantage of plastic surgery, and it’s why many people do it. It helps you achieve your desired appearance by aligning it with your natural appearance.

Most people who go for plastic surgery are unhappy about some of their body parts. They will not be at peace until they modify the specific body parts. Once the surgery is done, their appearance changes and they can never redo it.

Psychological factor

Some people go into depression because of the way they look. Some are so affected to the extent of withdrawing from people because of low self-esteem. The way they feel about themselves makes them unsatisfied and will always want to have a way to look better.

It is this urge to look good that pushes them to go for plastic surgery. Interestingly, most such people recover from the psychological torment once their look is modified through plastic surgery. This procedure has saved many from depression.

Boosts confidence

By modifying your appearance, your confidence will be improved. This further translates to a healthier social life and mental health. Having high self-esteem goes a great way in helping you live an all-around life.

This is one of the many advantages of plastic surgery, and many people have recovered from low self-esteem.

Less pain

We can’t say that plastic surgery is painless. However, the pain is bearable, considering the results you want. Technological advancement has brought a great breakthrough in ensuring the procedure is less painful.

This has, in return, given assurance to patients who want to undergo the procedure.

Disadvantages of plastic surgery

Missed expectations

Lack of a satisfying results guarantee is a great disadvantage of plastic surgery. There are chances that the modifications you do for your body might turn out to be worse than you were before.

It will further affect you psychologically and you might slip into depression. This is why it is critical to understand why you want the procedure not to regret it later.


Be prepared to spend a huge amount of money as plastic surgeries are costly. This explains why most people cannot access the procedure and more so why some take loans to have it done.

If you have financial challenges, it would be wise you go slow on the procedure, especially if it is medically urgent.

Lengthy recovery time

Recovering from plastic surgery takes a long time. You could have to wait for at least three weeks for you to recover fully. However, the recovery time depends on your body and the type of procedure.

The low side of this is that you might not be able to do anything until you recover. This means that your daily life comes to a halt, and you will need a break from your job if you are employed.


Many things surround plastic surgery. The procedure will have long term effects on how you look. This is why it is critical to understand plastic surgery’s advantages and disadvantages before committing yourself to it.

The knowledge will save you from regrets and post-surgery depression. Additionally, it is good to be sure that your reason for the procedure is valid so that you don’t do it out of peer pressure.

Engaging a surgeon and asking questions will help you make an informed decision in regards to plastic surgery. There is no harm in improving your looks, but you should never be ignorant about the outcome.

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