Solar Power Essay

Introduction: Solar power is a combination of the heat and light produced by the sun. We all know that the sun is the backbone of life, and nothing would take place without it. It is what distinguishes the earth from the other planets.

Times have changed, and through technology, light and heat can be converted into solar energy. Let’s learn more about this solar power essay. Solar energy is renewable and therefore there is no end to its use.

On the other hand, this energy is versatile and diverse in its applications. People have used it for a long and it has marked a great transformation especially within the home setup. Besides, no one can blast Solar energy since it comes from the sun naturally.

Essay on Solar Power

The invention of solar power has greatly contributed to the saving of electricity. This is more so in factories where machines use electric power. On the other hand, there is no need for charcoal since solar power is great for cooking.

This has seen deforestation decreasing significantly, thus making the environment better. Let’s have an in-depth look at solar power and why people should embrace it.

solar power essay

Uses of Solar Energy

There are many applications of this natural resource nowadays. Let’s look into this solar power essay and see some of the uses.

Photosynthesis: Solar energy is critical in the photosynthesis process in plants. This is a food preparation process in plants by the use of solar energy. This translates to a strong and healthy world because of food availability. This is the most essential application of solar energy.

Water heating: Solar water heating involves changing light into heat. This is done by the use of a thermal heat collector which is covered by a glass. Once the collector picks the heat, it is transferred to the water, making it hot and ideal for home, hotels, and hospital use.

Cooking: People have been shifting from the ancient ways of cooking. It is rare to see anyone using kerosene or coal for cooking. Solar energy has been the main turning point in people’s kitchens boasting a massive adoption. It is reliable and doesn’t cause any pollution.

Irrigational pumping: Farmers have adopted the use of solar power to pump water for irrigation. The power generated from the sun is strong enough to propel the pumping machines. Many farms are using solar energy to pump water, and the results are incredible.

Charging: Solar energy has been of great help, especially in remote areas. People use it to charge their phones, calculators, and most electric gadgets.

Advantages of Solar Energy

This solar power essay won’t be complete without discussing the advantages of solar energy. Here they are.

  • Solar power doesn’t cause any pollution in the environment.
  • It is readily available because it is renewable even in cloudy weather.
  • No payment of bills when using solar energy
  • There is no limitation of its installation, whether it is out in the fields or at home.
  • It is safer than electric power.
  • Solar power can be stored in batteries for future use.
  • No maintenance costs incurred because the solar panels are long-lasting.
  • It is easy to install, unlike electric power which requires posts and too much wiring.
  • It substitutes non-renewable resources.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • Has a high cost of installation materials
  • Low solar productive on rainy weather
  • Requires one to have a large battery because there is no solar at night


The importance of solar energy is immense and diverse. Technology has come in handy in the innovations of different uses of this power. This has seen people transition from the ancient to modern times, where they don’t need to use charcoal in their homes. Solar energy has similar uses as those of other energy sources.

The future looks bright with solar energy despite its few cons, which are not major compared to the advantages. As we have seen in this solar energy essay, there is a need for more solar power investment to propel its adoption fully in the world.

There is no better and safer way of keeping the environment safe from pollution than solar energy. Additionally, this energy is free and will never run out, thus making it the best power option.

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